One Day at a Time

When I wake up, the first thing that I worry about is my future. You see, the love of my life has a hard time waking up in the morning. That leads me to worry, thinking that what if there comes a day that he won’t wake up anymore. So […]

Childhood Dreams

Can we still reach them? Or do we come to a point where we have to decide wether we’d blow off our flickering hope, or hold on to it? Sometimes, we just don’t know if we would still hold on – If we would still believe. We don’t know if […]

Oh Stagnant Life

Ever since the year began, I have been pondering about how my life is so stagnant. How things are not the way they used to. How I am not as passionate, and I am not as loving anymore. I kept tracing back, looking as to when this stagnant life started. […]