Monthly Archives: January 2015

Oh Stagnant Life

Ever since the year began, I have been pondering about how my life is so stagnant. How things are not the way they used to. How I am not as passionate, and I am not as loving anymore. I kept tracing back, looking as to when this stagnant life started. […]

From a Pastor’s Daughter 2

Pastors are not gods. I do not understand why people cannot grasp that. I don’t understand why people slander about them, when they’re trying their best to give love and to care for others. I don’t understand why people cannot see the sacrifices pastors make just to guide and care […]

Romantic Experience

Happy New Years Everyone! 😀 Well, i had time to ponder about things, and one of them were about romantic relationships. I wonder what romantic relationships are like. Are they on cloud 9 all the time, and maybe have some storms on the way? I wonder what romantic relationships really are […]