Oh Stagnant Life

Ever since the year began, I have been pondering about how my life is so stagnant. How things are not the way they used to. How I am not as passionate, and I am not as loving anymore. I kept tracing back, looking as to when this stagnant life started. Then one time, at the dinner table, I’ve finally shared my thoughts to my sister, and her words brought clarity to my pondering.

“You’ve been working for one full year, you’re understanding routine, you’re facing reality.”

Her words. Made. Sense.

Routine can really slap reality to your face, and it breaks the excitement in your life. Life is not all about work, eat, sleep. Its not all about money, food, fashion. Life is beautiful 🙂 but you have to choose to make it beautiful. I realised that to make life exciting and not stagnant, one must choose to do something different everyday. So, I tried it and this is how it went. 🙂

Monday: “I will draw traditionally today. It’s been a year since i last drew with a real pencil.”

Tuesday:  “I don’t want to wash my hair. Hmm. I will doll up for work today without washing my hair!”

Wednesday: ” I will download an anime game! with awesome graphics! and sleep late because of it. haha.”

Thursday: “I will invite a friend to sleepover at home! Wuhoo! Food trip!”

Friday: “I will go to a coffee shop with my friend, and draw something that’s not for work!”

So far, I had a wonderful day drawing at the coffee shop with my awesome friend. The featured image of this blog post is a proof of that 🙂

Tomorrow I am planning to go to another coffee shop and read my Bible, alone. <3 We don’t know, maybe in the following days I will redecorate my room or hug everyone i know! In the following weeks i might start a small business. In the following months, I might have a boyfriend. In the mid-year i might be travelling . Late this year, i might be a different person. Life is exciting, its beautiful. We just have to choose to see it that way and work on it. 🙂

It takes effort to live an exciting life. Let us not allow routine to kill the spark in our heart, to distort the beautiful scenery of our life, to diminish the passion in our heart. Life, is beautiful. Let’s work on it, and then God will guide our steps and bring joy in our heart. <3