Childhood Dreams

Can we still reach them?

Or do we come to a point where we have to decide wether we’d blow off our flickering hope, or hold on to it?

Sometimes, we just don’t know if we would still hold on – If we would still believe. We don’t know if there is even a road that would lead us to our childhood dream, or if time destroyed the path.

People tell us to believe, they give us that hope that makes our eyes shine and believe that a miracle could still happen.

But what if.. what if its not meant to come true?

Sometimes, we end up staring at the the starry night. Extending our hands up to the heavens, trying to hold a star, and wonder if we could ever touch one, or scoff at the idea for it is too far of a million miles away.

What if.. what if our dreams are just like the stars? We can see it, we try to hold one, but its just a million miles away.

Sometimes, we drink a cup of coffee and stare at the sun rays. Appreciating its beauty holding it, as if we could grab it. Realising that when the sun rays hit the cup, it shines and glimmers in a magical way.

What if… what if dreams are just like sun rays? We think it isn’t there because we couldn’t hold it, couldn’t grab it, we couldn’t touch it… but we can see it, and its real, and its near, and its beautiful, and its magical!

Dreams are real, they are beautiful, they are magical, and they are so near. 🙂

You may not feel like your dreams can come true, but it can, and its real. Its so real that it shines so bright inside of you that you can’t see it anymore because its just too bright. 🙂

Choose to believe in your dream, don’t just feel it, believe it. 🙂 <3