From a Pastor’s Daughter 2

Pastors are not gods.

I do not understand why people cannot grasp that. I don’t understand why people slander about them, when they’re trying their best to give love and to care for others. I don’t understand why people cannot see the sacrifices pastors make just to guide and care for them. I just don’t.

It breaks my heart to see how people hurt my father, when all he does is care for them, love them, and show them how human he is. I don’t undertand why there are people who are so selfish to think that pastors are perfect, that one mistake defines their integrity. I don’t understand how narrow minded people can be. I just don’t.

i don’t understand how they cannot understand that he is a father. A father to four children and a loyal husband to our mom. I don’t understand why they can’t understand when they themselves have families as well. Families need attention and time, and pastors has this heavy responsibility to take care of their own family and take care of hundreds of other families. I don’t understand why they can’t understand that he is not God who is omnipresent. I just don’t.

i don’t understand why they can’t see that when they hurt my dad, they hurt every single person in his family. I just don’t.

And I don’t understand a lot more other things. I believe these are just things that I would not be able to grasp in this lifetime. I choose to keep my faith, keep my head high, and support my father. Yes it hurts. It really hurts. But someday, up there, I know that every pain is worth it, because I believe that someday, my father will have one of the biggest crowns ever given by his First Love, because of his selfless, abundant love to the people who hurts him. 🙂


A Pastor’s Daughter

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2 thoughts on “From a Pastor’s Daughter

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Don’t worry 🙂 There are also those that understand that pastors are not gods. And they will bless your father more than he has been hurt. 🙂

  • denny

    heyyy…I hope everything’s still in place? sounds as if something horrible happened.
    well yes, you’re so right about that. Honestly, your dad is the most humble and loving pastor that I ever met. Don’t be discouraged by what others say!