My Dearest Artist

I was going through some tough times with my emotions. I was breaking down emotionally and I had no will to create arts no more. I feel like it’s so useless, I felt like what I will make will be of no use, that making art is not as important as cooking a meal. I felt like I shouldn’t create art.

But. . Surprisingly, God affirmed the artist in me, that has brought me into tears of joy. 🙂

My Dearest Artist,

I miss creating beauty with you. I miss seeing you have fun into creating something that I have showed you that I have not shown anybody else. I miss working with you, creating every step with love and joy, I miss your craft, I miss you. 🙂 what you create is always a joy in my heart, I have prepared your craft to give a smile to a certain person. 🙂 don’t give up on what you create, because I will never give up on your craft, I will never give up on you. 🙂 I will never give up on the person that your craft will minister to. 🙂 I miss you, work with me again. Let me show you more, more of the wonders of my heart that your hands can create. 🙂


And this is why, I am back into writing. 🙂

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