Romantic Experience

Happy New Years Everyone! 😀

Well, i had time to ponder about things, and one of them were about romantic relationships. I wonder what romantic relationships are like. Are they on cloud 9 all the time, and maybe have some storms on the way? I wonder what romantic relationships really are like.

When they say thru good and bad times, does these mean thru happiness and sadness? Or is it more than just that?

I mean when the feelings fade, will there still be cloud 9s and storms? Or would there just be goodbyes and farewells?

I think when they said thru good and bad times, what they meant was something deeper.

In every relationship I believe there is a “desert” stage, cause I had one with my relationship with the Lord. Its when I felt that God is so far, and when I couldn’t feel Him no more. When I felt He has left me, when I “felt” that there was no God. When God was just in my mind and I can’t feel Him with my heart. I believe it’s the same with a romantic relationship with your future one, there would be a “silent, or boring” stage, and it’s a matter of choice if you will stay or not.

With God, I struggled with that “desert” stage, I cried, I rebelled, I started to doubt His very existence, but there was this hidden love in stored in my heart that kept reminding me of how much love there is between me and Him – and that made me hold on to the relationship despite the indifferent feelings that I had. After awhile, my faith strengthened and when I felt His presence once again, my love for Him went deeper and stronger. 🙂 and I believe, with your future one, going through this stage, will strengthen your bond as a couple.

I never swallowed the advice some of peers gave me, “You should try dating or have some short term relationships with other guys, so when the right guy comes along, you know how to handle your relationship. For you to have experience.” The thing is, I don’t want to play around. I don’t want to date someone for the sake of testing the waters or to gain some “experience.” I want my first to be my last because I want to give my full heart to the man who captures it. I have enough experience with my relationship with the Lord, and that is the purest love of all. Up until now, I am still learning from Him, up until the right guy comes a long He will be my greatest mentor when it comes to romantic relationships. 🙂

Happy New Years! Keep your loved ones near this year. <3

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