Rates & Info


Price is per Shibi per canvas; price depends on how detailed the Shibi will be. There can be more than one Shibi in one canvas. There are discounted packages for three or more Shibis in one canvas. Email me at

Time Frame:

Two to three weeks.

What is this for?

Shibis are simply Shirielise Chibis that look like paper dolls. I can turn your favourite character in Shibi style, or turn you or your friend, or even your whole family into Shibis! It’s somehow similar to cartoon caricatures.

Why do I need it?

This is great as a personalised gift. Especially if you want to give a unique gift to newly weds, birthday celebrants, or a romantic partner. I can also make Shibis for your 1-minute videos, business mascot, invitation cards for weddings/birthdays,etc.

Email me at